EMDR and Flash for Trauma, Anxiety, and Attachment

EMDR Eye Movement Densitization Reprocessing, or EMDR, is a powerful tool for reducing the intensity of feelings around trauma, attachment, anxiety, and negative beliefs as well as other client concerns such as depression and stress. All Reflections clinicians are trained or certified in EMDR, and continue to take advanced training. We're excited to share the Flash protocol with our clients!...[ read more ]

4 Ways to Support Your LGBTQ Child When They’re Facing a School Bully

It’s easy for adults to forget what adolescence was like. The frustrations of figuring out the sometimes-foreign world around us combined with the cocktail of raging hormones that set our emotions off at the drop of a hat. Man, being a kid was hard!What can make an already-hard situation even harder for a young person is being “different” in some...[ read more ]

How to Help Your Child Deal with Their Anger

Many parents believe in the same myth: if they do everything right, their children will be happy. But that’s not how childhood works. No matter how much you love your child or how much you give to them in the way of attention and material items, kids are still going to experience all kinds of emotions, including anger.While childhood is...[ read more ]

Telehealth for Support Group Therapy

Many of us continue to try and make sense of this new world we live in – one in which the novel coronavirus dictates much of our daily routine. Some states are still mandating social distancing and wearing of masks. And many people are still out of work or working remotely for the unforeseeable future.This quarantine has certainly made life...[ read more ]

The Power of Connection

Our clinic slogan, "The Power of Connection," comes out of our work in relational trauma. It's also a great fit for today's project, our new Instagram account! Follow us at @reflectionsmentalhealthwi for more content on how we serve Madison, WI and surrounding areas for trauma, attachment, and anxiety therapy with children and teens. If your family is looking for more...[ read more ]

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