Allison Ommodt, BA, MSE-Counseling Intern

I'm excited to announce that upon completion of my internship with Reflections in December that I'll be staying on as a full time therapist!

Are you a parent struggling with anxiety, hopelessness, burnout, and fatigue while making it through your day-to-day tasks? Are you looking for someone to help and give you insight into your child's behaviors or do you feel like no one understands? Are you seeking support as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community? Teens, do you feel unheard, misunderstood, lost, and unsupported? My professional background and experience as a mother of children adopted from foster care has made me a counselor who listens well, empathizes, supports, and helps my clients to become the people they'd like to be. I have experience working with individuals and families struggling with adoption, autism, complex trauma, attachment, first responders, and many more life challenges. I also have experience working with neurodiversity in young adults.

I understand it can be stressful and sometimes scary to find a therapist you can feel comfortable with and trust. My goal is for you to feel heard and understood while I assist you in making the changes you have been dreaming of. Together, we will work to recognize and decrease triggers, increase positive coping skills, process chronic stress and trauma, increase connection, gain insight and resiliency, and teach you to take charge of your life in a healthy and balanced way. In sessions I utilize talk therapy, parts work/IFS, CBT, Motivational Interviewing, therapeutic play, and mindfulness encourage and empower clients in their journey.

If you are looking for a down to earth, compassionate, funny (I think I'm funny!), genuine, and supportive therapist with a passion for helping others find their true self, I'm the therapist for you.

I will be graduating from U.W. Superior with my MSE in Counseling. I typically schedule my clients weekly or every other week so that no one is fighting for a spot on my schedule. I am looking forward to pursuing my EMDR training in early 2024, and will continue my learning path for parts work/IFS and other therapy modalities.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my dogs, listening to serial killer podcasts, and painting.

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