Golshan Motamedi, MFT


Have you ever wished there were a road map to parenting? For the first time in history our society is beginning to emphasize the importance of recognizing our mental health needs and the positive impact of supporting the mental health needs of our children. But between social relationships, academic pressures, screentime, social media and general global unrest, you may often find yourself thinking, "how do I continue to support my child through all of this?" As a team, we will work to answer this.

I have experience working with families and children impacted by adoption, foster care, deportation, medical trauma, and parent incarceration. I also have experience working with individuals coping with depression, anxiety, and ADHD symptoms. Utilizing Attachment work, TF-CBT, Narrative Therapy, Contextual Theory, Therapeutic Play, and TheraPlay principles, my work through talk, play, art, music, and movement has all proven the same thing; that everyone needs a safe space to be heard, understood, validated, and maybe even laugh a little. Together, we will work through barriers to better understand and meet your child's emotional needs. We will identify your areas of strength as a parent and build on those steppingstones to deepen your sense of connection and attachment with your child.

As a bi-cultural therapist I recognize that no family is alike, and I honor the very real complexities of navigating social expectations while managing difficult life stressors and events. I am a committed ally and welcome anyone regardless of race, ethnicity, income status, gender identity, sexual orientation, or religious values. If this sounds like the right fit for you, I welcome you to reach out today

Email: gmotamedi@reflectionsmhwi.com / Ph: 608-315-5508

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