Amy Albert, MSW, LCSW


M.S.W. in Social Work - Aurora University

Are you a first responder or healthcare worker experiencing stress, burnout, and caregiver fatigue? Are you examining your career through a series of stressful incidents? Do you or a loved one need support around ongoing sobriety? If you are ready to overcome stress, tackle burnout, face your anger, or continue on a path of sobriety, consider a therapist who balances warmth, humor, and a direct teamwork approach; sessions are collaborative and solution focused. As a long time therapist for county government, and being married to a firefighter, I enjoy the extra knowledge my own experiences bring to the therapy process.

With my background in comprehensive care, and time as a social worker, I find it important to help clients navigate family, health, and community systems. I have a passion for working with police and fire, as well as for trauma informed care. Along with current practices in CBT and motivational interviewing, I will be training in EMDR and parts work in 2022. / O: 608-291-7033

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