Nathaniel Willkomm, LPC

We are so excited to announce that Nathaniel Willkomm, LPC, will be joining us August 5th as part of our child and adolescent therapy team! Nate comes to us with a passion for trauma informed care, therapeutic play, and child and family work. Nate is eager to utilize gaming and celebrate fandoms in his work with your child. If you would like to be a part of Nate's client list, please email .

Your teen doesnt know what they want, and neither do you. The conflicts seem constant, and theyre just never happy. They have anxiety creeping over them like so many bugs, and it seems like theyre so depressed you have the pry them out of bed with a crowbar.

Understanding your child or teens behavior can be confusing, if not downright frustrating. There is hope. As a therapist, I work with parents and their children so that they both better understand what is driving behavior, and just as importantly, how to change your patterns of living so that not only do they stop breaking the rules, but they no longer want to.

I welcome you, your teens and your younger children to join me to celebrate everything that you are, no matter what it is. I am a lifelong lover of games, science fiction, and the arts. I fly my nerd flag high, and would love for you to fly yours with me

Email: / C: 608-291-7792

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